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Helps ease the financial burden should you suffer a traumatic event. register for My For smokers, forking out higher premium over the years may add up to a substantial cost in the long term. Trade logo displayed above belongs to Tata Sons Ltd and AIA Group Ltd. and is used by Tata AIA Life Insurance Ltd under a license. 2,232 crore for the financial year 2018-19. 7 Position Paper on Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme 2015 by Hong Kong Federation of Insurers and 2015 AIA internal data based on number of insured. AIA Health with AIA Vitality is issued by AIA Health Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 32 611 323 034, a registered private health insurer governed by the Private Health Insurance Act 2207, Private Health Insurance Rules 2007 and the AIA Health Insurance Pty Ltd Fund Rules. Ensure that you have sufficient medical coverage with AIA - the best health insurance company in Malaysia. Education is the best investment for the future. Learn more about the range of benefits available to AIA Health Insurance members. May AIA help you to take away your worry with our Education Life Insurance product. It helps provide financial flexibility to get through a difficult time. Bereavement Support Receive an upfront payment of $15,000 (or the first monthly payment or part thereof if you have the Family Protection Benefit) to help with funeral costs, or any other expenses as needed. Who we are, what we do. When it comes to life and term insurance policies, males tend to pay a higher premium since their life expectancy is generally lower compared to females. Or call Hagan Insurance Group, the Plan Administrator for the AIA Trust program at: 877-801-3727. This is a reward in return for making healthy choices such as going for regular health screenings and exercising regularly. The Executive Committee and Board & Board Committees of AIA Singapore, Our healthy living initiatives, partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and more. AIA Vitality, a personalised, science-backed program that supports members every day to make healthier choices, is available with eligible products issued by AIA Australia. Based on your pre-existing conditions, the insurer may decide to reject your application entirely, exclude the pre-existing conditions from the coverage, or provide you with full coverage at a higher premium. Secure your company’s most important asset through our market-leading solutions, We take care of the matters of your life because your life matters. Visit our corporate site to learn more about AIA. Before you buy any insurance policy, the insurer would normally require you to declare any pre-existing conditions you have. AIA Vitality supports and motivates you every step of the way towards achieving your health goals. A selection of forms you can download, fill in and send back to us. AIA Vitality is a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing program that supports you every day to make healthier lifestyle choices. AIA Living Life Cover. Tata AIA Life has written retail new business weighted premium of Rs. If you purchase a limited premium whole life policy such as the AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus, you will pay your premiums for either 12 or 20 years. For almost a century, AIA has served the ever-changing needs of millions of people all across the Asia-Pacific region. We strive to assist you for all your inquiries with high touch customer service. Learn more about the claim process. All rights reserved. Receiving a diagnosis of ill-health can be frightening, stressful and confusing. policy information, Vitality membership and rewards. Our priority is to support you through the claims process, ensuring that you understand what's happening every step of the way and that you get what you need as soon as possible. AIA Personal Data Policy (Singapore). AIA Bhd., AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. For this reason, the premium charged would be higher. AIA Insurance joins CANSOC to drive breast cancer awareness Breast Cancer is the commonest cancer among women in Sri Lanka and its incidence has been continuously rising. For the same period, the 13th month persistency of the company was at 83.3% and, the individual death claims settlement ratio was 99.07%. Breast cancer is curable if detected early which makes preventive screening, early detection and awareness, imperative. Check out our awards and achievements over the years. This life insurance provides a lump sum when you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Life and disability insurance is about looking after yourself and those who depend on your income. Visit us at: or SMS 'LIFE’ to 58888. Key benefits of AIA’s Total Permanent Disability insurance are: A lump sum payment that can help with medical treatment costs, employing a caregiver or ongoing household expenses, or any other expenses. Copyright © 2021 AIA Group Limited and its subsidiaries. Helps protect your loved ones if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or pass away. Cannot find the answer in our FAQ section? You can attach an AIA Vitality membership to your life insurance or income protection cover to help you protect your most precious asset – your health. Whether it’s your first foray into fitness or your gruelling third month of marathon training, AIA Vitality's Content Hub is your ultimate support team. Given that insurance policies are typically bought, and paid for, over a long-term, a lower premium each year can amount to substantial savings when added up over the years. Life insurance cover helps protect your family’s financial future when you no longer can. GST). Not only will it help you save money on your insurance premiums and save on pricey cigarettes, you would also be rewarded with better health in the long-term. involves high costs and the Surrender Value payable may be less than the total premiums paid. Presenting, Tata AIA Life Insurance Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Long Scale) (ADDL) Rider is an optional Premium Paying Rider which provides a convenient solution that helps fill the financial gap for your family in case of an unfortunate death or dismemberment. For example, if you are an AIA Vitality member and purchase AIA Power Critical Cover, protects you extensively without disrupting your coverage, from as early as the detection of chronic conditions to the diagnosis of a range of critical illnesses, and even in the face of relapses and different critical illnesses, you can enjoy up to 15% discount on future premiums of your AIA Power Critical Cover. You should consider your own personal circumstances and needs and view the relevant product documents, fact sheets, fund rules and terms and conditions before making a decision to acquire such products. Hence, this is one way you can control your insurance premiums, consider kicking your smoking habit. And growing year on year. In the case of a traumatic event or illness, your cover can ease financial stress so you can focus on recovery. AIA Health with AIA Vitality is issued by AIA Health Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 32 611 323 034, a registered private health insurer governed by the Private Health Insurance Act 2207, Private Health Insurance Rules 2007 and the AIA Health Insurance Pty Ltd Fund Rules. The more you do to improve your health, the greater the rewards. Moreover, the long duration saving might be derailed if unfortunate event happens to the parents. Health Effects Of Smoking, Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention, • Guide to understanding how participating whole life insurance works, • Why You Should Buy Insurance For Your Newborn As Early As Possible. AIA Vitality is a comprehensive programme that motivates you to keep fit and helps you to manage your health. That’s why we’ve partnered with Medix, who offer world-class Personal Medical Case Management. complaints, please contact our Insurance Advisor or visit Tata AIA Life’s nearest branch office or call 1-860-266-9966 (local charges apply) or write to us at The logic here is straightforward. The information on this website is current as at 14 January 2021 and may be subject to change. Unique Reference Number: L&C/Advt/2017/May/130 • UIN: 110N130V02 Protection Tata AIA Life Insurance The cost of treatment is calculated based on the normal prevalence for a period of 3 years' treatment. Check your AIA Vitality Status and get access to the tools you need to help improve your health. Insurance premiums are a cost area that people should pay attention to. Information about the upcoming transfer under Part 9. You can find more information on the types of cookies we collect, what we use these for, and how to manage your cookie settings in our Older people are risker to insure compared to younger folks. We’re here to help protect your family, your lifestyle and your future. If you're a business owner, most of these products can be taken out for business or personal purposes depending on your needs. How insurers make their decisions will be based on the severity of your pre-existing condition(s) as well as the time period that has passed since your condition(s) was last treated. At AIA, disability insurance is also known as Total Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance. Start planning early and fulfil your saving goals. Contact us now, Manage all your AIA payments from one convenient location, Quality Healthcare Specialist Partners exclusively for AIA HealthShield Gold Max customers, Support Programme to extend the grace period for payment of premiums due up to 180 calendar days for customers who are financially affected by COVID-19, Have a question?

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