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This is not the bug with Boethiah saying her sentence over and over. Boethiah's Calling HELP - Different Bug. … Boethiah's Calling Pillar of Sacrifice Glitch? Is there some other way to fix this ? After Boethiah tells me to go kill those guys at Knifepoint, the visual effect doesn't go away. SPOILER / BUG: When you sacrifice a companion to Boethia she manifests, but keeps saying the same line over and over Solution: Boethiah's Calling- Vision Glitch After killing the Champion and taking the Ebony Mail (and putting it on) Boethiah came to speak to me. Then, when they are dead, they just lay on the floor and the quest does not progress( I am level 30). I have a huge problem with the pillar of sacrifice in boethiah's quest. In my case, it is permanently activated as if you had just killed your companion when he/she was bound to the pillar. Recommended Posts. The Miscellaneous Quest objective "Investigate the Boethiah cultist" may not ever be marked as completed, even after completing the main Boethiah's Calling mission. starrk … However when I got to the Sacellum of Boethiah there are two cutlist that are invincible and as a result I cannot proceed with the quest. A console command maybe ? I know I'm not the only one having a problem with the Boethia's Calling Quest. Hi everyone. Boethiah's Calling visual bug » Thu May 31, 2012 3:18 pm . Hi there! Whenever I go to sacrifice a follower(non-essential), I make them use the pillar of sacrifice, but it takes several hits to kill them. I tried loading a few quick saves back but they're all after this happened now and the save before that is … I read from the wiki that loading a previous save would fix that, but all my saves are after the bug. And now that I have, the screen only goes to the blurry reddish part like it's waiting for her to appear and then just stays like that. Been playing skyrim and gone through the list of quests that build up and tried to complete Boethiah's calling. Perhaps that's what triggered the bug **shrug**. I've got to the point to kill all the cultists. This bug is fixed by version 1.5 of the Official Skyrim Patch. Share Followers 0. Opening the console and typing rimod 00106a73 or rimodcf might also fix it. Boethiah's calling bug. Upon talking with Boethiah your vision field may be stuck in the distorted oval it creates when talking to the daedric prince. However, after she was done, the red screen that appears when talking to any Daedra did not fade away- instead, it's stuck there, and nothing I … Completing the quest might fix this. This bug is fixed by version 3.0.10 of the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch. By starrk, February 24, 2012 in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Boethiahs Calling Bug.?? Reading the book after looting it … I am however as far as I can tell the first one to come up with a solution and post it. This is not the usual bugs ot lack of info to make your companion use the pillar. I had visited Knifepoint Ridge for an earier Radiant Quest, and Boethiah's Calling's quest level 30 was flagged.

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