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This tutorial is noob friendly, so I spend a lot of time talking about things that more experienced modders already know. I have recreated this follower 5 times, from scratch, just to check that I haven't been missing anything. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, This is actually very straightforward (though it can be time-consuming) because you create their appearance exactly the same way you create any other character. If you look at the sample class in the screenshot, you can see that there are fields for each of the skills. I just got Lydia, might that have anything to do with it? Right-click in the empty Relationship list and select New to open the Relationship editor. Do the same with the arrows. Or is there one like this? The first thing you need to do is give your follower a unique editor id. I was able to follow it quite well, even though I have never really used the Creation kit before. Consequently, you're going to get a lot of random crashes and weird bugs.The best way to avoid the aggravation of losing hours of work is to save early and often. Form lists are located in the Object window under Miscellaneous, FormList. To avoid this, I generally save my mods as soon as the editor is done loading the Skyrim.esm. Leave the Association Type set to None. the missing files were in there. I went back into Creation Kit to find the problem (I still don't know what it is), and tweaked a few things. In Relationships, 'Parent' refers to the actor that you are setting up the relationship for; 'Child' refers to who the relationship is with. Since the comments are still active, I figured I'd ask; do I have to do anything specific to get an NPC/follower to sandbox both in and outside of a house after I place them? This will load all of the cells that make up Skyrim's portion of Tamriel in the list on the bottom left. the result? However saving it with other name works and I tried this, but when I do, the file is empty and my follower doesn't appear in the game at all. in the CK. your tutorial is brilliant, i think i may be getting a bit more ambitious than i should for a first character mod, but any help with that brown forehead, and hopefully custom hair color would be appreciated. I verified the integrity of my game cache via Steam, redid the thingiemajiggy Edit the DialogueFollower Quest, and I didn't get the error this time. If you've given your follower a static level (PC Level Mult unchecked) you can manually edit their skill levels by left-clicking quickly three times on the skill value and typing in a new value. Depending on your machine it may take anywhere from half a minute to a couple of minutes for the editor to load everything. You can change the Level Mult to make them higher or lower when you first encounter them (eg. The CK will sometimes not generate files if it believes that they already exist, but as far as I know this only happens with LOD. Hey juice, first of all, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful tutorial- made something that ~seemed~ impossible, plausible, and then achievable. Seriously, thank you for this idiot-proof guide. They're listed alphabetically by editor id, though you can narrow the search by selecting your character's race and gender. It's not technically 'lore friendly', but she sounds great so I'm not complaining. (Remember: They sneak when you sneak.). To add items directly to their inventory, find the appropriate category in the Object window under Items and drag objects from the list to the Inventory list in the NPC window. her hair covers most of it, but it shows up bigtime on her forehead. An example combat style showing the location of the dual-wielding option. thx for your speedy response. I am so confused .. If all that is set up correctly and it still isn't working, try changing the voice and see if that helps. Your NPC now has the appearance you created in the character generation screen in Skyrim. If you made your character in Skyrim with the race mod active and that mod uses custom tints (makeup, complexion, hair color, etc.) that panel for creating Relationships don't want to show :/. Disregard my previous comment, anyway, I followed your guide, I ask him to come with me on an adventure, he says something then he doesn't do anything, and the sentence is able to be prompted again. I did everything the tutorial said and when i located my custom follower she has zero dialogue. 2. If nothing appears to be happening, make sure that the Is CharGen Face Preset box is unchecked. Yeah.. Right-click anywhere in the actor list in the right pane to open the context menu and select New. Now there isn't even any dialogue prompting him to follow me. My follower is in the game, seemingly perfect enough, yet, I can't make him follow me- when I talk to him, the only dialouge I get from him are saying greetings and hellos for his voice. Well done! If you set it and then change tabs it will sometimes reset. Note: The flags under the ID/Name input boxes are prone to unchecking themselves if you change tabs so I usually set them, then click OK on the NPC to save my changes and then re-open the character to continue working. Or will that create a duplicate of him? 1. If you remove all of the clothing and armor that you've given them, they will revert back to their default outfit. How can you make your NPC have hair mods? Glad you're making progress on your mod. Every NPC in the game will default to basic sandbox behavior, even if they don't have a single AI package in their AI Package list. Every time I get the exact same result. I wish there was a video going over your steps. If you change this quest, and you want your followers to have a bow and arrows, you'll have to give them items from your own inventory. Is there some other missing detail out there to making an NPC show up? Cancel out of it (don't press OK!) Skyrim: 20 Best Husbands In The Game (& How To Marry Them) Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has a litany of husbands available for the player to marry. Followed everything correctly, the NPC is in the world. For now, just select one that seems appropriate from the Voice Type drop down box in the NPC editor. Also, did you double check to make sure that the Is CharGen Face Preset box is unchecked? That means that the first time you meet them, they will be in their underwear. Now the game will fit my roleplaying much more accurately. Okay never mind :] I just got confused looking at the pictures while reading the steps , but after I separated the two while working & reading I got it ! Marriage to a new spouse via death or Intentional divorce of old spouse. Just a thought but the marriage info's have conditions checking if the voice type is in a number of voice type lists. PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 PC PlayStation 4. That's the folder one up from the Data folder and it contains both the Data folder and the Skyrim.exe. Just set the Parent NPC to your NPC. So, does anyone know the name of the faction for people that you can marry? The only problem i have encountered was when you would ask the follower to follow you, there was the dialogue and voice, but they didn't actually follow me. You're now going to import your character's appearance. Start Skyrim and either start a new game or, if you know what you're doing, open the character creation screen through the console using the showracemenu command. This will open the Reference Alias editor for that Alias. Marriage is a gameplay element in The Elder Scrolls Online that involves two players performing a ritual that marries their two characters. The .nif file is your character's head mesh and the .dds file is your character's head texture. j-u-i-c-e (author) from Waterloo, On on March 23, 2013: @Izabella: Not sure. @Michael: You don't need to uninstall/reinstall. Your follower should be on the floor or ground, but if you accidentally placed them on top of a chair or a rock or another object, drag them to an empty spot and press F to make them fall to the ground. j-u-i-c-e (author) from Waterloo, On on August 21, 2014: @Kay: Sounds like it might be a voice issue. The subcategories you're most likely to be interested in are Armor, Weapons, and Ammo. Start Skyrim and confirm that your mod is checked in the load list. I followed the instructions perfectly, yet the NPC doesn't seem to strike up (interactive) dialogue with me, any help on this? For scanning through info in the Construction Kit, look out for . How can you EDIT your working custom follower? When you accidentally moved the house, you created a 'dirty edit' (ie. Any solutions? I see other threads showing up on google search about custom NPCs not showing up. No dialogue options come up. If you want your follower to do both, make sure you pick a voice that's included in both lists. You have to save your file a lot because the editor crashes a lot and you don't want to have to redo a bunch of stuff. The next thing you need to do is make sure that your NPC has the same race as the character that you're copying, and that the Female flag is checked if your character is a female. The Inventory tab with a character loaded in the preview window. If you set up your companion as a potential marriage partner, they should also have this dialogue as well, but remember that you need to have an amulet of Mara equipped to get the dialogue. The Parent NPC should already be set to the name of your follower. The next thing you need to do is set the Disposition Base to 75 to make sure that the "I need your help..." option will be available in-game. I did everything you did, but on my Argonian that I have made, I changed the colours of what he looks like, but his appearance is the same as a default Argonian (dark green, no colours on face). black eye sockets! You seem like and expert on this subject, so I wonder if you have any solutions to the problems I have. The Health Offset, Magicka Offset, and Stamina Offset allow you to tweak your character's attributes. (the hair textures and head meshes were within the mod, so i didn't change anything from the main game, or any other mod.) You don't need to set your character's weight because it will be set when you import the settings you exported earlier. Only these voices work without making your own dialogue and or scripts. Some NPC's are not able to be married to the player and I did not change that. If you get an error about a script failing to update, it means that you don't have the game's source scripts (.psc files) located in the Data/Scripts/Source folder. Can someone help me? It has a fairly detailed guide to finding things in the editor.). Go to the location where you placed your follower. Quit the Creation Kit without saving, restore the source code files and re-edit the quest. Nevermind, i figured that out but i now have a new problem. But when I talk to them, it just repeatedly says “Need something?” Etc. Make sure your follower is not overlapping any other objects in the game, otherwise you could end up with weird collision issues. M'aiq the Liar, for example, has MaiqTheLiar for an editor id; no spaces, no apostrophe, and the first letter of 'the' capitalized to distinguish it from 'Maiq'. Set Assistance to Helps Friends and Allies. The other factions should be left at 0. It's a free download and not very large so it won't take long to install. For my follower Tannuck, I would type: SPF Tannuck. The first thing you need to do is decide where you want to find your follower. Set either Essential or Protected, flag as Unique, and pick an authorized voice from the VoicesFollowerNeutral formlist. If you forget this step, your character's face color will not match the body color in-game and you may be missing scars, war paint, and other face coloring. And now after reading this I'm able to create a new follower in barely 10 minutes. If you don't like the existing classes, you can create a new one and allocate points however you see fit. I, too am having trouble with the dialog not opening for my custom NPC. When I go back in to edit it, he disappears from the place I originally set him, making sure I reset him inside the location before I close out of Creation Kit. SkyUI is not required, although recommended. REQUIRES: SKYRIM.ESM, UPDATE.ESM & SKSE (SKYRIM SCRIPT EXTENDER) NO DLCs NEEDED, but can be used with all DLCs without adaptations! Once Skyrim has shut down, you can verify that your character's appearance was exported successfully by looking in the Skyrim installation folder. If I could find this faction, I could make almost every NPC marriable without console commands. I'm exporting my follower's face settings with Ctrl + F4 after importing the character files, and my follower is working in-game fine, but her face color is many shades darker than the rest of her for some reason. You might also want to change the Bleedout Default from 0.15 to 0.10, which is the default that most vanilla classes use. Clairvoyance), and partly because some spells which work on NPCs won't work on the player. Talk to Maramal the main priest and you'll be able to buy an Amulet of Mara for 200 gold. setting it to 1.1 will make their level 10% higher than your own level) but it won't increase them beyond their maximum level or push them lower than their minimum level. If you don't give them a default outfit but just add clothing or armor to their inventory, they will not equip it by default. You can do that from the Tools section of the Steam Library. This guide was great except for the fact that the NPC does not show up in game. If something does go wrong, the console will probably give you an error message of some kind. First I tried changing the race of my custom NPC from the original Nord to Breton, but I left everything else the same. Any idea why? Once i loaded my game she was there but with wrong hair, wrong eyes, wrong brow and for some reason a dark skin color instead of the light one. See step 5.). (which would have actually defeated the purpose of my mod, but i tried it just to make sure that was not the problem.) If you can't find a voice that matches your character's race (I'm looking at you, Khajiits), you can always use a human voice instead. Before I found this tutorial I was working hours and hours to get my follower working and it never worked out. Is the editor itself not saving, or are your changes just not showing up in the game? The Creation Kit is a development tool, it's free, it's resource intensive, and it's constantly being updated. You can find the Classes in the Character category in the Object window if you want to look at them before making your decision. i scoured the creation kit looking for some setting that would solve the problem. Great guide, didn't have any problems and everything works just perfectly but there's something that I can't figure out. Also, modders who create new skin textures can probably identify the problem and help you sort it out. Then, as you're working, periodically save it again. could it be because I'm using SKSE instead of the original game load? update on last post. A world is essentially a standalone environment that is connected to other worlds via loading doors. It will be given an .esp extension automatically. You might even be holding off on getting married because you can't find an eligible male or female character to take as a husband or wife. Thanks for the great tutorial, man! In the AI Data tab, set the Aggression to Aggressive. I followed the instructions 100%, but when I got into the game, my follower looks NOTHING like he did when I created him. i don't mean to sound unappreciative. I found this really useful and informative, it's been my first 'dabble' into modding and it's generally been successful. go to one of the books and save the carachter. In all likelihood, it's not going to be a big issue. In the Character Gen Parts tab, click 'Import' and import YourCharactersName.npc. The last thing you need to do is pick a voice for your character. 4. If you leave them at default settings you'll probably be okay. If you put your follower in a tavern, for example, they will walk around, sit down and eat, and even stir the cook pot. Can I fix this by just placing all mods in another folder (so I don't have to download them all again) and then remove skyrim and reinstall skyrim again? Next, double-check the relationship and faction settings. But Alrighty then. We're going to skip the AI Package tab (see the note) and go straight to the Inventory tab. As a heads-up, you can't save your plugin with the NPC editor window open (or any of the other dialog windows) so click OK to save your current settings, save your plugin, and then re-open the NPC editor to continue working. Hope it helps. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in again until you're fairly close to where you want to drop them, then go to the Object window, find your follower, and drag them into the Render window. Open the console by typing the tilde ~ key, which is located in the upper left corner of standard North American keyboards below the Esc key. If you don't like a vanilla combat style, pick a different one or create a new one that you can tweak as much as you like.). open the mcm menu and click familiar faces and edit it to the voice you want it to have and some other stuff. I think Onean is not in marriage factions and doesn't have marry dialogues.

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