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Automatic refunds on delayed tube journeys with Reeclaim. Last edited: 4 … Harry Rosehill How To Get Automatic Refunds From TfL Join us to chat about all things related to London transport on our new Facebook group, Londonist Roundel Ramblings — everyone welcome. If you've been charged more than the cap for one day of travel in Zones 1-6, we'll automatically refund the difference. TfL already provides automatic refunds whenever services are significantly disrupted. In the past 12 months LU received the following number of claims. Official online shop for Oyster card. The figures in brackets show the number of claims found to be eligible for a refund under the Customer Charter. So you have nothing to lose. Strangely, the refund I was waiting for is also for that week. In an ideal world they shouldn't, but if the TOC don't agree to fund the refunds then TfL can't be expected to provide them. TfL would charge the maximum fare of £8.40, but the correct fare was actually £2.40 - so you could claim back £6.TfL often refunds for honest mistakes if you forget to touch TfL says it sometimes gives out automatic refunds, because it can predict where you should have flashed your card but couldn’t. With 105 million passenger journeys made on the London Underground service each month, delays are part and parcel of living in the capital. When you get one, you'll get 100% of the money put back into your Oyster account. It will email to tell you if your claim has been successful or not. Question. I've had automatic refunds for severe delays in the past. We check caps at the end of each week, so you'll receive your refund from the Friday of the following week on your Oyster card when you next touch in. Customers can also phone our contact centre team to arrange for their refund. This seems to contradict the information on Mike's website. Whilst they’re at it, TfL should start issuing automatic refunds, rather than expecting people to claim them. Answer for TfL Customer Charter (2) Answer for TfL Customer Charter (2) Answered By: The Mayor. TfL refunds in numbers. This is a guide focused on TfL travel in London. 4. 0. Category: Transport. Automatic refunds. Order your Oyster card travelcard, check Oyster card prices or top up Oyster Pre Pay. Call for automatic rail refunds as London commuters lose out on £56m a year ... “TfL pays refunds automatically when there is disruption or it’s obvious that a passenger has made a mistake. So I shall post again! Later in the day I phoned TFL only to be told by the automatic payment system that the payment had gone through. Home; Connect; Free; FAQ; Press; Reviews; Contact  Please note that due to a change in the TfL online login system, the main Reeclaim service is currently under maintenance. Asked Of: The Mayor. Date: Monday, 28th February 2011 . In total 4 (all attempted) payments had gone through but 3 remained pending and I didn’t need to request a refund. Connect your TFL account with Use this friendly form to connect your TfL account to our automated platform which will then automatically check your journeys and claim your refunds. Question By: Richard Tracey. End of rant. You can get automatic refunds on London Underground. Ldn-Post - May 17, 2018. Those are my Finsbury Park woes, my middle-class rant about them, and a possible solution to the problem. This includes: automatic completion, whereby the TfL automatically corrects and/or refunds a maximum fare in certain circumstances, self-serve refunds, where customers have applied for a refund through their TfL online account or via the TfL Customer Services helpline and at stations, where staff can assist a customer to obtain an Oyster refund I was unable to talk to a person. By. TfL says you should wait at least 48 hours before claiming as you might get an automatic refund. Here’s another idea: tweet this @TfL if you agree. Automatic refunds for TfL delays (2) Meeting: MQT on 2015-07-15. We tested a ridiculously easy way to get automatic refunds for delayed Tube journeys . (It's slightly disappointing that the automatic assumption was that I was wrong just because I have less experience than others here, something I've noticed before on this forum. Please set the precedent and we will follow suit!Welcome! The payment process is flawed and needs debugging. If it's on the order of 30 minutes or so, they can't tell whether you took a bit longer because of a delay, or because of a slower route choice/extra time changing because you tied your shoelace/etc. TfL says it sometimes gives out automatic refunds, because it can predict where you should have flashed your card but couldn’t. “Automatic Delay Repay”: Automatic Refunds For Virgin Train Delays (October 5, 2015) Mastercard Promotes Apple Pay With Free London Transport (November 24, 2015) “Fare Free Mondays” Are Back On TfL For Apple Pay Users (March 2, 2016) Collect Money With … TFL have been leaders in the notion of “Turn up and go” whih has meant that we as people with disabilities can travel independently and with confidence. On emailing TfL to inquire why I had not received any automatic refunds, they replied: "Looking at your journey history your journeys are mostly made within zones 1-4. I still haven’t received any email, but my credit card has had a refund dated May 10th applied in the last couple of days. If it knows someone is delayed, they shouldn’t have to ask for the compensation. Refunds and replacements; Pay to drive in London; Travel tools; You are here: Home; Media; Press releases; 2018; July; Pay as you go fares information added to TfL’s Journey Planner and open data feed; Pay as you go fares information added to TfL’s Journey Planner and open data feed . Reference: 2015/2170. I have also claimed successfully under this criterion. TfL’s Customer Programme – action taken 4.1 Many elements of our customer service work well and rival that of leading retailers and service businesses within transport and in other sectors. Reeclaim is a free service and does not take any fees. TfL’s overall scorecard contains challenging targets for customer satisfaction and customer care and performance is regularly discussed and acted upon by TfL’s senior leadership. You can also get refunds for tube delays, and reclaim up to a year's overcharges from failing to touch out (some have got £70+). Tweet on Twitter. Organisation: GLA Conservatives. Please wait at least 48 hours as you might receive an automatic refund. Its system can remember the symmetry of favourite journeys, for example between your home and work, and from that work out where it thinks you meant to tap out. Session date: July 15, 2015. It usually takes a couple of days and it processes "most" refunds within seven days. YOU may think it's not worth claiming - but with £332million out there it's well worth doing so. • Transport for London (TfL) to provide automatic refunds to those who incur a higher fare than the former off-peak daily cap in outer London (Zones 4-6) twice or more in a week • Refunds, including for the period from 2 January, will commence in April and then be paid monthly . Jen Mills Monday 30 Oct 2017 9:46 am. If you use a contactless or smart card in another area, contact your transport operator to check its rules. Can anyone clarify which zones qualify for the refund? We do not give refunds for delays outside our control, including: Strikes; Security alerts; Bad weather ; Customer incidents e.g. TfL weren’t processing these refunds in February – in fact the decision to cater for them was only taken towards the end of that month. Share on Facebook. There is no need to complete a paper form. To be eligible for the automated refunds, your journeys need to be made in zone 4-6." Where individual passengers are subject to delays around the 15 minute threshold, a refund can be claimed online via their Oyster card or contactless account. To say that London Overground provide refunds for delays of over 30 minutes, not an hour. The deposit and any unused credit is refundable by posting the card to TfL; however, refunds are paid only by pounds sterling cheque, bank transfer to a UK bank account, credit to another Oyster card, or a TfL web account voucher, and refunds of over £15 require the customer to provide proof of identity and address. Bletchleyite said: ... a batch job run to do automatic refunds for everyone else affected, and (c) a problem ticket raised to sort out the root cause, namely the missing OSI which should be added for any future instance of this. Reeclaim looks for tube journeys eligible for refunds, and automatically applies.

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